My Story: Barn Concert

April 20, 2009 at 8:04 pm (Introspective) (, , , , , )

When I try to describe my home town to people I usually include this story.

In High School, I was invited to go to a concert in a barn.  The local heart-throbs were performing and it sounded like a hoot, so I was in.  Let me set the stage for you: ten or so local teenage bands, mutiple stacked amps and guitars, 1 upright piano, 1 drum set, and a garrison flag drapped in the background.  All of this in a four foot loft with only a six foot ceiling.  The concert was rocking and packed.  Each band was trying to set themselves a part.  One of the last ones came up and started their set.  Head vocalist/guitarist eyes were closed fully focused on the music.  One of the backup guitarists was really getting into the song and I mean REALLY getting into it!  He started swaying then he got an idea “I’m going to jump!”  (Which, with a six foot ceiling and a six foot guitarist, is just mathematically unsound!)  Jumping up  he knocked himself unconscious and fell behind the loft to the ground taking out a stack of amps and the flag on his way down.  The head guitarist doesn’t even notice.  The other backup guitarist notices and is frantically glancing to and fro from his knocked out friend and to the head vocalist who hadn’t moved a muscle.  After an awkward minute, the backup guitarist stopped and helped the downed guitarist.  Previous band members started storming the stage to rescue their amp that had been knocked over.  After they rescued the downed guitarist, they re-hung the flag and the next band continued the concert.  Gotta love small town America!


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  1. busybees42 said,

    Laughing…awesome. 🙂

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