My Story: Introduction

April 9, 2009 at 10:27 pm (Introspective) (, , , )

Formulating life’s events into little stories is natural (especially for a blogger!).  I thought my inclination toward it was because when I called home from college, I wanted to be able to relate the event without any unnecessary information.  But it goes back further than that.  My family tends to relate life events in story format.  I fancy some of mine are particularly funny, so I’m going to start a series of them here on my blog.  Here is the first one:

Life Storytelling is Romantic

I have a Great Aunt and Uncle who have been married for a long time.  They are the cutest “old couple” you have ever met.  When we visit they end up telling us stories of the things happening in their own and adjacent lives.  It is a riot to hear them tell a story.  The first thing you notice is that they keep on interrupting eachother to set the facts straight.  The interruption is always starts with, “Well you know dear,” or “Dear, I think . . .”.  After visiting with them for awhile and over the years you realize, they really don’t have as many stories as you had once supposed, as they are repeating ones you’ve heard.  If you listen even closer, you see the romance.  They are actually correcting eachother at the same spots.  They each only know half of the story!  Their spouse fills in the parts they miss.  Their life stories are so intertwined that they can count on the other to fill in the parts they can’t remember.  Stories are powerful.


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