Non-/Tech. Terminology

February 26, 2009 at 11:41 pm (Technology) (, , , , )

As technology becomes more prevalent in our society, I look forward to seeing more technical jargon.  That is, technical jargon used correctly but in non-technical situations.  Admittedly, we do already have quite a bit and I don’t mean Hollywood‘s usuage.

Here are some words and my suggested usage!

While thrashing between watching a mystery movie and baking cookies I missed the main reveal and burnt my cookies.

Sorry I forgot your name, I suffered a stack overflow during Freshman orientation.

I page faulted the directions to the house and had to Google Map it on my mobile phone.

I pwned the jar today by opening it using the hot water trick.

Although chocolate chip cookies have a high latency; they also have a high throughput!

When hosting a party, I tend to wash my table cloth first since it has the highest lead time.



  1. Jonathan said,

    LOL! This is awesome. My favorite is the page fault…

  2. Cassie said,

    You are full of win.

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