Review: Taken

February 12, 2009 at 9:40 am (Review) (, , , , , )

On Sunday evening I saw Taken with Liam Neeson.  I really liked it.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking provides the back-drop for this movie.  It doesn’t make light of it.  Trafficking is a serious problem worldwide. is an excellent resource for looking at the state of human trafficking worldwide.

To the people who don’t want it to be spoiled, warning: there be spoilers here!

Father’s Protection

I guess was surprised me the most about this movie was its singular focus.  This movie wasn’t about the evilness of human trafficking, but more about a father saving his daughter from a faceless evil.  There is no one nemesis for him to face.  I was even surprised by the number of nationalities that were brought into the film as Brian’s (Liam Neeson) obstacles.  We have Albanians, French, American, and Arabs that all involved but they are only there as supporting characters for Brian.  Even when he saves a girl and cleans her up from drugs, even she is a means to an end, to gain more information about his daughter.  He doesn’t even call an ambulance for the other girls he unintentionally rescued.

Another interesting note was how they went out of there way to prove that Brian was in no way responsible for her abduction.  Brian enemies were not to blame and even his ex-wife’s new husband’s business partners were not involved.  In the end, it was his absence (and the experience that he gained) that ended up saving her, where his presence would have fallen short.


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