You Have Two Cows: OS Edition

January 30, 2009 at 6:57 pm (Technology) (, , , , , )

Everyone has heard the “You have two cows” economic breakdown.  I feel that this can also be applied to Operating systems.

Atari DOS: You have two cows, if you knew anything about chickens you could get some milk out of the cows.
Windows 2000: You have two cows, you have to hunt down for the associated gear for the cows so much that you don’t like doing anything but the basics.  Every once and awhile the cows fall asleep and play dead (some stay that way).
Windows XP: You have two cows, they are pretty reliable and produce decent milk.  Most gear, even the fun stuff, fits on them well.  There are hopes that the rancher you bought them from will improve their training for the next cows.
OS 9:  You have two cows.  Your cows are special in so many ways.  They are bright colored and don’t warn you when they suddenly decide to take a nap.  Their milk isn’t acceptable to so of your clientele.  You become embittered against the rancher that sold them to you.
Vista: You have two cows, you must sacrifice one to the “gods” to make the other one look pretty.  You get milk that no one likes.
OS 10.5/Leopard: You have two cows . . . but do you?  You’ve refused the cows outright due to being embittered from OS 9 but some respectable ranchers recommend them.  You are still skeptical.  (Or maybe it is just me.)  Oh, and the cows are pretty.
Ubuntu: You have two cows.  They are exceptionally trained to help pump as much as they can by farmers just like you, but if you aren’t familiar with them, they can be intimidating.  Some gear doesn’t fit on them.
Embedded Linux: You have one cow.  People shouldn’t expect two cows’ worth of milk from one cow.
Windows CE: See Windows 2000.
Palm OS: You have two cows.  They work great and can stay awake.  They are so cutting edge that the other farmers don’t understand you.  If you feed them, they’ll give you good milk.

That’s all I have.  All trademarks are owned by their respective owners.  All the pictures are linked to where I found them!



  1. Tim Disney said,

    Lol! That’s pretty great.

    Confused about Palm OS though…since when has it ever been cutting edge?

  2. Molly Jo said,

    Palm OS was definitely cutting edge for its time. It had a touch screen, you could download stuff for it off of the web. Some models you could browse the web with. (AND it had copy and paste!!)

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