January 24, 2009 at 8:00 pm (Imagination) (, , , )

Every once and awhile I think of funny scenes that would be interesting to see acted out.  They strike me as funny, let’s see what you think.

Scene: Tryouts

Several families are lined up outside of a sky scrapper in downtown New York City.  All of the families seem unusual in their own ways except for one that is “normal”.  Kids are all over but the perfect family’s kids are right near their parents and are looking at other kids parents with a plea in their eyes.  As the scene unravels you find out that they are all there to try-out for the next reality tv family series.  Arguments erupt between the families over whose family is “exciting” enough to have a whole show devoted to them and the “perfect family” keeps the arguments from getting physically destructive.  Lastly, the unusual families turn on the perfect family and all demand what about them would make them special enough to go on television.  The scene closes with the line “People are used to the wild and crazy, they’ve never seen normal before.”


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  1. Ben said,

    If people only see wild and crazy wouldn’t that be assumed to be “normal” wouldn’t in fact the “unusual” family in this situation be the “calm” family?

    I think it’s funny how “normal”, even though actually it isn’t anymore, has come to mean something other than what the phrase actually means.

    I like your idea(s) though. You should try blogging more often!

    ~Ben (BTW: What will we be when Nathan and Katie get married? 2nd Cousin’s in law?)

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